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[分享] Sonic X Hellokitty,在日本发生的迷の布偶追寻记,老外真的好强

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Danny Russell’s Search for the Sacred Plushie

Over the past month I’ve been stopping by practically every arcade I’ve seen in Japan, trying to scour out any of the Sonic x Hello Kitty plushes the recent Sanrio/SEGA collaboration has brought to us. You see, this plush is a promotional item – it isn’t available to buy in any store. It can only be won from various different UFO catchers in arcades around Japan or from winning ball games at JOYPOLIS. Hello Kitty crossovers are all the rage in Japan, but they usually only last for so long, and rarely leave Japan at all. Recent collaborations that have ended include One Piece’s Chopper and Monster Hunter’s Airou.
The Sonic Hello Kitty plush is quite large measuring 14″ x 12″ x 12″ tip-to-tip. Its rather odd shape also makes it quite unwieldy and top-heavy. It feels like premium product though, certainly reaching and, in my mind, even surpassing all of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty plushes I’ve won, seen and bought during my time in Japan.
I was surprised to find that they aren’t nearly as common as I’d initially imagined. I’ve only found three places so far – JOYPOLIS in Odaiba, Tokyo; one of the many SEGA arcades in Akihabara, Tokyo and one SEGA arcade in Den Den Town, Osaka.
There’s no reason to be surprised to find it in JOYPOLIS. The collaboration is meant to celebrate the re-opening of the Odaiba amusement park, after all. It also offers one of the easiest ways to win the plush – ball games. After paying the entrance fee for JOYPOLIS, these games can be found on the second floor of the site. After exchanging money for SEGA tokens, several ball games can be played for one token each. The rolling game was easiest, relying on chance more than skill. In this game you’d get three balls, and therefore three chances to land a ball in the star prize hole.  The other games I recall – a ball shooting game and mini-basketball game – seemed far more difficult. Unfortunately photos are not permitted in these areas, so I was unable to get any decent snaps to detail these games any further. For each token redeemed, one of the SEGA attendants would give a ticket that adds one extra attempt for any of the UFO catcher machines downstairs on the first floor.
There is only one UFO catcher in JOYPOLIS for winning the Sonic Hello Kitty. A devilish one at that. For ¥200/turn or ¥500 for three turns it was pretty expensive as far as these machines go. Very much a new beast in the Japanese UFO catcher catalogue, the “nail game” is infuriation embodied. The player must guide a row of nails (one large, in the centre) over a piece of paper pre-punctured with three large holes in order to puncture new holes until the paper weakens enough to drop the plush. It sounds easier than it is, as the nails swing, and are seemingly attracted to the already-made holes in the paper. Curiously though, dozens of the plushes lie unprotected above the machine in question. That’s the Japanese honour system for you.
The SEGA Akihabara UFO catcher used a more traditional, but also infuriating, system where a ring has to be picked, pulled and pushed off a rubber ball to win the prize. This ring is very tough to move as it uses the weight of the toy to push the ring down on the ball, making it hard to pick off using the catcher, however well aimed it may be. This was also ¥200/turn or ¥500 for three.
The Osaka machine had a large capsule that needed to be guided down an ever-widening pair of metal bars until falling off the side. This machine required the least skill, but a great deal of time and money chipping away at it.
After phoning JOYPOLIS on two separate occasions, there seems to be no precise guarantees on how long the Sonic Hello Kitty will be available for. The best they could divulge was that they would be around in September and “probably” October. It didn’t sound like they really knew at all, even after asking their supervisors.

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大意是说这老外大概跑遍他所知道所有日本的街机店去找Hello Kitty的那个少爷版玩偶

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我覺得少爺和Hello Kitty完全不搭配
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“几个月以来在日本我只要看见街机就会停下看看,为的只是刷到一个最近SEGA和三丽鸥合作推出的索尼克X凯蒂猫毛绒玩具。你要知道,这个毛绒玩具是一个非卖品——并不能在商店里买到。只能通过在日本各地的UFO catcher(娃娃机)或着是游乐场的弹珠游戏(是这个么,,)获得。Hello Kitty是风靡全日本的系列,然而即使这个系列很长寿,却也很少走出日本(中国的算么。。)。最近海贼王乔巴和怪物猎人中的爱罗猫的合作产品都下架了。
然而这只有一个娃娃机可以赢到索哈玩偶。黑心的是,要比其他的娃娃机贵好多。200yen一次或者500yen三次。(黑商,,)尽管娃娃机的价钱已经塔玛的都搞成那样了,“钉子”游戏却又更让我喷出一口老血。(口胡)玩家必须引导一排钉子(中间有个大号的)到一张预先已经扎好三个大洞的只上,然后目的是扎上新的孔知道paper君撑不住了出了玩偶。听起来容易做起来坑爹,不仅钉子老是晃来晃去,好像还预先设计好了被引向已经扎好的那个洞。更奇怪的是,一打一打的玩偶就在机器上方毫无防备地放着,那就是因为日本人的礼仪了。(非礼勿取= =)
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莫非是这货? ... tion-from-sanrio-a/
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